P F I Z E R International Campaign.


This was a super fun campaign with an incredible bunch of people. The client was a Multinational Agency from Milan who entrusted our team to fully produce, from scratch, their highly conceptual brief. The brief needed to be executed meticulously and replicated for different territories to represent the people from those different regions. The casting relevant to the regions was a crucial ingredient in the success of the shoot.

The pre production period spanned over 6 weeks. The shoots took place mainly in Cape Town over the period of 1 week with the postproduction process lasting about 2 months in total to deliver 12 final artworks.

The client was over the moon with the result and was congratulated by their competitors on the success of the campaign which meant happy agency as well! Happy clients = happy team!

A note from the Creative Director:

“Ciao Team,

Just heard that our Client’s country affiliates LOVED the new International 

Campaign! Our client is very happy, ­as are we.  Just wanted to say

thanks again to you and your team for such a great job.  

All the best and baci from Milano.”

Mair Dilworth – Creative Director Sudler & Hennessey, 


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