Mobicel #GoingPlaces Campaign


Mobicel Going Places Campaign.

The Mobicel #GoingPlaces Brand Campaign was an exciting project which aimed to introduce the South African Mobile Phone Brand to Generation X. The Brand Positioning was straight forward – it was a quality Android Mobile Smart Phone option with varied functionality, available to the South African market at a fraction of the cost.

The Brand Video Strategy was to find influencers whose brand story reflected that of the Mobicel Brand Story. This would ensure a level of authenticity that could not be created through a script. In essence the brand was representative of someone who was operating in their own lane, and the influencers chosen were chosen for successfully embodying this quality.

It was an exciting time for Social Media Influence, with the exposure and buy in to Social Media Stars being at a new-found all-time high. The key was to capture these influencers at a point where they were making themselves freshly known – similar to the position the brand found itself in at the time.

The calculated mutual benefit to the brand and the respective influencers was the exponential influence all would garner through creating a platform for a group of wave-makers to come together in a way that was perfectly relatable to each of their audiences.

The video concept was to incorporate each of the influencers authentic creative contribution to make up the elements that would eventually constitute the campaign. We made a specific decision not to write a script and plug in influencers into pre determined roles, but instead to build the concept around the influencers who embodied the brand qualities that we were after. This approach left room for authentic organic collaboration which created an excitement among the participating influencers that could not be replaced. The result was excess social currency which was irreplaceable.

The creative authenticity of each influencer was key, in that each of the influencers who were carefully handpicked through a process of intense research and test groups to qualify their actual impact on their respective audiences. The research was done with the understanding that the amount of followers an influencer might have does not necessarily correlate to them having real influence. Their influence was measured by the impact of their words and actions on their fans. We needed to find the influencers who had a captivated audience who would hang on every word they said.

The front runner who embodied these qualities at the time was none other than one particular young and fresh artist Babes Wodumo. She was celebrated far and wide and occupied a very special place in her fans hearts. She came from humble beginnings as a pastor’s daughter from rural Kwazulu Natal. She was incredibly relatable and people did not just love her – they were OBSESSED with her.

At the time she was right at the bottom of what would become the most epic rise to stardom in the history of South African artists. Within 4 weeks of presenting her as an option for the featured role – her social influence had increased tenfold. After 6 weeks she was nominated for the BEST AFRICAN ARTIST AWARD at the MTV Africa awards.

She would be at the core of the commercial and seeing that her forte in creative contribution was Qnom flavour music and incredible dancing – this would be at the core of the story that would unfold.

The next influencer that was discovered was Shane Eagle. Underground rapper at the time with a relatively small but robust following of fans who worshipped the ground he walked on. Shane was not only a rapper – he also founded his own record label and was hustling as TV show host on the side on Vuzu at the time. Here was an example of a modern day Maverick who was leveraging all that social media had to offer to create the life for himself that he wanted. And his journey was an uncompromising one, making difficult decisions upfront to release and manage his own record label to hold on to his creative integrity. Hence the lyrics he would later write for the hook “I don’t need to fit in”Because I’m out here winning”

Shane had a clean and easy to access rap style and was the perfect voice through which to introduce the brand message to Generation X.

The puzzle pieces were starting to come together and the picture was slowly starting to emerge from the haze. Not without it’s challenges though. We had 2 incredible artists with 2 wildly different musical styles (in 2 languages) who had to be brought together… somehow.

Enter the musical genius that is Sketchy Bongo. His production would be the glue that bound the two contrasting sounds together to make them into 1.

We needed a voice of Mobicel and in true spirit of our core concept – the voice needed to BE THE VOICE on a deeper and more profound level.

Enter the incredible King Of Radio – Lindambuso. Again, not just a pretty voice. An activist for social change, a published author, a violinist with 2 degrees and this all at the tender age of 27. These are the kind of role models Gen X look up to and engage with, with bated breath. Linda was to be the voice of the Mobicel #Goingplaces campaign.

Next we needed a representative of the new face of business through social media. The winning candidate in this department was Maitele Wawe. The eccentric boy from Venda who used to be taunted for dressing differently and for taking too many pictures of himself. Now Maitele was the proud forerunner of a fashion and social movement dubbed The Social Market that was to spread across South Africa as well as numerous other African Countries. Maitele embodied a new world of possibility which was now freshly accessible to anyone with access to a smart phone.

The last influencer was one Kingsley Palime. He had represented South Africa in the Red Bull World Doodling Championships and had an incredible talent for beautiful township-style doodles. His remarkable gift for story telling through doodles would be utilised for the billboard campaign featuring each of the influencers with each of their stories artfully doodled by none other than Kingsley.

The picture was now clear. A day in the life of each of the influencers together with the weaving in of each of their creative talents to comprise the ultimate in authentic campaigns.

The day of the shoot arrived with great excitement and very little sleep in the weeks running up to the day. The shoot day itself was going to be nothing short of a miracle with us shooting with skeleton crew and attempting to shoot 3x the amount normally set out for 1 day. We managed with the grace of God!

Content delivered for Mobicel #Goingplaces campaign:

  • 1 x 90 second brand commercial
  • 1 x 60 second edit of brand commercial
  • 1 x 45 second edit of brand commercial
  • 4 x 20 second edits for each influencer for social media
  • Lifestyle images for Social Campaign as well as Billboard Campaign
  • 5 x behind the scenes edits for each influencer as well as full bts edit
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Behind The Scenes

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Babes Wodumo Behind The Scenes PLAY VIDEO Maitele Wawe Behind The Scenes PLAY VIDEO Shane Eagle Behind The Scenes PLAY VIDEO Linda Mbuso Behind The Scenes PLAY VIDEO Kingsley Palime Behind The Scenes PLAY VIDEO


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