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Production in SA

Choosing South Africa
as a Production Destination

Imagine having easy access to an alternative production destination that offers:

A World-Class Production Team

A world-class production team who you can depend on to meticulously realize your project.

Adaptable & Exotic Locations

Lifestyle locations that can be representative of a particular market or unique exotic locations for your project.

A Diverse Talent Pool

A fantastic talent pool that is deep and broad and able to echo any culture.

A Favourable Exchange Rate

Fantastic value at a fraction of the production cost.

A Festival of Natural Light

11-15 hours of daylight throughout all seasons and 2,5 to 3 times more sun than Europe and the UK. Mild winter days that often reach the upper 20's degrees Celsius.

Talented & Experienced Crew

English speaking crew with the latest in industry know-how available to service your production.

Easy Access to Great Locations from Ordinary to Exotic

From beautiful every day scenes to all the nature locations you can dream of. In SA you have easier access to these locations than anywhere else in the world.
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A Diverse Talent Pool

South Africa is an incredibly diverse country and home to a mix of different cultures and people. This means that you’ll have access to a deep pool of talent to cast from and the ability to portray a range of cultures and different demographics to successfully fulfil your cast brief.
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Creative Emotive Visuals

Beyond technical skill, the ability to evoke and capture connected content that moves the viewer to experience emotion that connects them to your brand.
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Exceptional Quality Guarantee

You will be working with a team of professionals that is capable, passionate and invested in the best possible outcome for your project.
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Diverse Locations

Imagine having easy access to an alternative production destination that is visually stunning and renowned for its ability to replicate almost any landscape or country o‌n Earth.


A Diverse Talent Pool

South Africa is home to a mix of different cultures and people. Whether you need cast represented from the Middle East, Europe, all aspects of Africa or Asia – you will have access to an impressive selection of quality cast for your project.

Visual Production

Emotive Visual Content.

The one language that transcends all boundaries is emotion. When creating visual content for complex markets, how we go about utilising emotion impactfully, is our secret artistry.


Remote Production Options.

If you are unable to travel to South Africa for the production, we have put together an option to tether/upload all images as they are being taken with a live video stream with comms to the team.

The camera will be tethered and each image is uploaded live.

A camera will be set up to stream live video of the set, for approvals and to inspect details etc.

Speakers and microphones are set up on set to communicate to the team should you like to ask something or give a suggestion.

The Average Exchange Rate


R19.50 to €1


R17.50 to $ 1


R22.00 to £ 1


R4.80 to 1 AED


R4.70 to 1 SAR


Experiences to explore in South Africa.

We have put together a library of videos for you to explore different locations, textures and experiences available in South Africa further.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions we have had about producing with us in South Africa. We would love to hear from you if you have any other questions.

There are a few options on how you could go about this process:

  1. Click here to fill out the brief form which will come through directly to our production team to start the quoting process.
  2. Email us your brief @ [email protected]
  3. You may call us via telephone or set up a skype call to discuss your project in further detail if you should wish.

In short

Created content, unique to your brand according to your brand strategy, created especially with your audience in mind – utilized for every communication eventuality: social media, print, billboard, corporate communications, online, etc.

This communication resource streamlines the process by circumventing time-consuming and arduous searches for images on stock libraries that often don’t even exist, and ensures a unique brand-relevant communication every time.

Expanded answer

Talk to your audience in the way in which they want to be spoken to. This can rarely be achieved with stock imagery and footage.

In the age of content on demand, there are few investments as valuable in your communication strategy, as having brand- and product relevant imagery and video at your fingertips to optimize your marketing budget and enable meaningful brand relevant communication, on time.

Gone are the days that we have the luxury of spending weeks or even days sourcing a relevant piece of content before actioning a communication, especially when the communication is urgent or when the kind of content you need is unlikely to exist.

Your exclusive brand content library is crafted with creative expertise as well as a keen understanding of how people consume information differently across the various marketing platforms. We understand how to create emotive imagery that connects to your audience and love to apply our expertise to bringing your brand values to life in the way that makes sense to your audience.

In short: a package optimizes the production budget for a TV commercial, Brand Video or Stills Campaign to ensure that the communication team has all the possible deliverables that they could need for any communication eventuality from that one production process (and budget).

Different edits for social, BTS content, Stills for video, video for stills, cinamagraphs, etc.

An expanded explanation:

We embrace the changes in the communication landscape and love to provide our clients with the comprehensive visual communication tools necessary for congruent successful campaigns across all communication channels.

Often a video piece is the focus of a campaign, and with the way that people consume information today – they have a choice whether they will watch the video when they find it in their feed. If they choose to watch it, they might only watch it once and it might or might not have an impact on them as a consumer.

Our Campaign Production Package Solution optimizes the production process and budget to ensure that agencies and their brands are equipped with all the possible content that they might need to support their message across all communication platforms. This ensures that the same campaign message reaches the consumer in many unique ways, which significantly widens the net of engagment with the audience.

Approaching campaign content production in this way prevents situations down the line where precious content is needed for an extension or expansion of the campaign, as often crops up unexpectedly at the last minute, and ensures a comprehensive visual communication toolkit that foolproofs the campaign for any communication eventuality.

We love to see how these tools positively impacts our clients campaign results as well as their bottomline.

Each brand and project would require a slightly different solution, but for easy reference there are some practical examples below:

  • TV commercial – we add on Social Content, Stills, Cinemagraphs, BTS video
  • Stills campaign – we add on Social content, Interviews, BTS video
  • Brand Video – we add on BTS video, Stills, Social Content

The secret lies in understanding how to present the content to be relevant on each platform.

Our research is always up to date and we are able to deliver excellent quality content across the board through our team of professionals who are used to working towards a common goal and plan for and work around each other during the production process.

I Am Media creates branded images and video exclusively for your brand with your brand values and target audience in mind.

The look, feel, content, mood, colour, texture of the images are produced exclusively for your chosen brand communication to your chosen target audience to evoke the emotions, sentiment and brand affiliation of your choice.

Our services are tailor made to fit your brief.

We always strive to create as much value as we can for our clients, and will do so to the best of our abilities within the given scope of any creative project.

Yes, we have production partners in other major regions: Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Germany, Spain and Ireland.


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