We create cinemagraphs (moving still images) that .

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What are Cinemagraph Production Services?

Cinemagraph Production Services entail the production of an impactful new visual medium that takes the best of stills photography, combines it with video and sometimes animation, and creates mesmerising living photos that capture and hold our attention in ways that photographs no longer can.

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What can Cinemagraphs do for my brand?


Better Performing Campaigns

Social networks autoplay and loop videos, making cinemagraphs the perfect medium for impact. Split tests show that cinemagraphs outperform images on click-through rates by up to 1000%!

More Dwell Time – Higher CTR’s

Cinemagraphs are looped at a slow pace, which creates a calming effect for the Viewer. The average dwell time on a cinemagraph is therefore increased by up to a 1000%,  making this medium the perfect tool to get your message across for branding and marketing campaigns.

Lower Production Costs & Greater Impact

Unlike traditional long-form videos with sound, cinemagraphs are more cost effective to create, and work better in a mobile-first world.

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In the era of sensory overload, we strip back the unnecessary to deliver impactful, meaningful communication.